Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorite Moments So Far

6) Talking Indy racing with the 5th grade boys -- totally gave me street cred.
5) Greeting students and parents at the front door -- only one kindergartener had to get carried in.
4) Helping out in kindergarten lunches and recesses -- so interesting to watch their interactions.
3) Hearing one of my new 1st grade friends said, "Hey! Where were you today?" as he walked out to the bus because I spent most of my day with 3rd and 5th graders -- it's nice to be missed!
2) Giving out my first Otter ticket (part of our PBIS program) to a student who was unexpectedly doing an "expected" behavior -- walking down the hallway even though no teacher was supervising him. And when that same student chose to work cooperatively with the new girl in his class and discovered the benefits of teamwork. And then when I happened to get to speak with that same student's mom and step-mom (on separate occasions) and relay the good news.
1) Watching the new student in 3rd grade that I had in a lunch group today win Diary of a Wimpy Kid Uno fair and square just as our time was up and beam from ear to ear -- I had been secretly hoping he might win!

I had a great first two days, and I'm back for more tomorrow. Then, back to NY for the holiday weekend!

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