Monday, August 20, 2012

10:47pm On the Night Before My First "Real" Day

... is not the best time to decide to start a new blog. But after a little nudging from some friends and colleagues, I decided to bite the bullet and plunge in.

I am starting as a first year elementary school counselor at a small elementary school in Vermont, and couldn't be more excited. I'm fresh out of grad school, and was fresh out of undergrad when I went to grad school. Consequently, I'm young and inexperienced. I decided on the name for this blog to remind myself to be confident despite my age and lack of experience. I was well prepared for this job through my graduate program and internships, and I know I can do it. However, I also know that this confidence will undoubtedly waver many times throughout my first year, and beyond.

Tabitha from Scrapbook of a School Counselor recently wrote a letter to her first year school counselor self. Her words are ones that I will keep with me during what is sure to be an exciting and challenging first year: "You are so much more capable than you think you are. Be bold, follow your heart, and know that you are doing things the very best that you can."

And with that, I begin my first day of in-service training with the teachers tomorrow morning. My alarm clock will be sounding all too soon from now, so I'm off.


  1. I'm so proud of you. and Crying. But more proud.

  2. Fake it til you make it! Love you! Good luck! ;)

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  4. I love your candid perspective. You are going to do great! :) -Allison Villeneuve